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This is the download page for song voicebanks for the Z Vocal Project character Dunder. For more information visit https://www.zvocalproject.com/characters/dunder/.

For talk voicebanks visit: https://dunderhyphenp.itch.io/dunder-talk


Dunder_Fuyu Act II (Part of Dunder_CV)

A multipitch Falsetto CV voicebank meant for use in OpenUTAU. There are currently two pitches, B4 and F4. These pitches are automatically set up for use in OpenUTAU, but if necessary, F4 can be access with the prefix #G.

  • Encoding: Kana
  • Logical Range: C4-G#5
  • Pitches: 2 

Dunder_Genesis_VCV TalkBeta

Monopitch VCV voicebank recorded for Dunder's UniCoe release, works alright for singing though the OTO has not been touched.

  • Encoding: Kana
  • Logical Range: D2~G3
  • Pitches: 1

Dunder_Intercalaris AI Beta
An Enunu Voicebank similar to Intercalaris. Trained on about 1 hour of singing data that was hand labeled. Has some tone labeling that will be improved in future updates, along with timing and clarity.

Dunder_Mercedonius AI Alpha
An Enunu Voicebank similar to Intercalaris. Trained on about 1 hour and 20 minutes of singing data that was automatically labeled. Has some tone labeling that will be improved in future updates, along with timing and clarity. Most glaringly Mercedonius AI Alpha likes to breathe ALOT because end breaths didn't get labeled at all.

Dunder_Intercalaris α - A masculine "Dark" CVVC Japanese Bank. This is the alpha version of Dunder_Intercalaris. This version contains only 1 pitch that has the OTO done, and even then it still needs to be cleaned up a fair bit. This voicebank is probably only compatible with OpenUTAU until the OTO is cleaned.

  • Encoding: Kana (Romaji entries exist cause I don't feel like deleting them, but they aren't OTOd)
  • Logical Range: F#1-G#3
  • Pitches: 1 (A second pitch is included but not set up)


Dunder_Intercalaris - A masculine "Dark" CVVC Japanese Bank. The full version of Dunder_Intercalaris. It will contain a few more pitches alongside a few monopitch appends. This voicebank is intended for OpenUTAU, but is compatible with regular UTAU.

Dunder_Genesis DIFF & Dunder_Mercedonius DIFF - JP & EN Diffsinger voicebanks

Dunder Sample Pack - A Bonus Sample pack for license holders



Dunder can be used commercially with the following license: https://www.zvocalproject.com/dunder-commercial-license/ (This was accidentally hyperlinked to a google doc before, it's the correct link now)

This covers all voicebanks listed here EXCEPT Mercedonius AI. It is $30 because it includes commercial use of Dunder_Pocket and Dunder_Pocket II and it feels dangerous making it any less, I can't come down on that. As of 10/28/23 Dunder_Pocket has been ported to Kits.ai and is no longer offered as a download

When purchased you will receive a registration code and a link to a google form, please fill that out to activate your license. If I messed something up and you don't get the code dm me on twitter or email me ASAP!!!

For noncommercial use, please see Character Guidelines and the voicebanks individual readmes: https://www.dunder-p.com/character-usage-policy/


Voice Provider: Me (Dunder-P)

Dunder_Intercalaris STD Artist - Corroded Paradox

Dunder_Mercedonius STD Artist - Pencil Peach

Dunder_Intercalaris AI uses Intunist's Japanese+ Header: https://github.com/intunist/nnsvs-japanese-plus

Dunder_Mercedonius AI uses Intunist's English Header: https://github.com/intunist/nnsvs-english-support

Z Vocal Project
StatusIn development
Tagsai, enunu, nnsvs, rvc, utau


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