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This is the download page for UTAU voicebanks for the Z Vocal Project character Dunder. For more information visit https://www.zvocalproject.com/characters/dunder/.


Dunder_Intercalaris α - A masculine "Dark" CVVC Japanese Bank. This is the alpha version of Dunder_Intercalaris. This version contains only 1 pitch that has the OTO done, and even then it still needs to be cleaned up a fair bit. This voicebank is probably only compatible with OpenUTAU until the OTO is cleaned.

  • Encoding: Kana (Romaji entries exist cause I don't feel like deleting them, but they aren't OTOd)
  • Logical Range: F#1-G#3
  • Pitches: 1 (A second pitch is included but not set up)


Dunder_Intercalaris - A masculine "Dark" CVVC Japanese Bank. The full version of Dunder_Intercalaris. It will contain a few more pitches alongside a few monopitch appends. This voicebank is intended for OpenUTAU, but is compatible with regular UTAU.

Dunder_Mercedonius - A masculine "Dark"  English ARPA Bank. This voicebank is intended for OpenUTAU, but is compatible with regular UTAU.


Dunder is currently not licensed for commercial use, a purchasable license will be available upon the full release of either Intercalaris or Mercedonius.


Voice Provider: Me (Dunder-P)

Dunder_Intercalaris Artist - Corroded Paradox

Dunder_Mercedonius Artist - Pencil Peach


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Dunder_Intercalaris α.zip